Medical City Plano July 22, 2014

The Healing Matters Support Group at Medical City Plano will hold a very special meeting on July 28th, 2014. This meeting will mark the 25th anniversary of the Healing Matters program at the hospital.

On July 24th, 1989, several couples came to the very first meeting of this support group at Medical City Plano to share their stories of loss of their tiny infants. As they told their stories and cried their tears, they learned that although one can never get over the death of a baby, they can get through this experience. Ginny Robinson, RN, BSN, who has facilitated these support groups since the beginning, will be facilitating this meeting on July 28th, as she has done the fourth Monday of every month for the past 25 years. Through the years, there have been countless numbers of families, who have come to this group to share the stories of the loss of their babies. Every story is different, but every story shares many of the same feelings that affect mothers, fathers, and other family members, when a baby dies. There are many stories that will also be told on July 28th, 2014. These stories will be told by Moms and Dads who lost their babies, but who used their loss to help other families through this experience.

The program on July 28th, 2014, will be a panel of former members of the Healing Matters Support Group, who will return to share their stories with the current members of the group. Some of these families lost their babies over twenty years ago. They will return to talk about how this event has changed them, their families, their goals in life, and how they have been able to move through the journey of grief with hope, love, and the ability to take a tragic situation and turn it into a situation that has had meaning for them in their life.

In addition to the monthly Healing Matters Support Group, that is facilitated by Ginny and other RN’s that have been part of the program, the group holds three memorial services throughout each year. The Holiday Candlelight Service every year, sees many families return to remember their babies and receive an ornament with their baby’s name on it to take with them. In October, the Healing Matters group holds a Walk to Remember at a local park in Plano as part of the recognition of national perinatal loss awareness month. A short service is held and families walk around the pond, and release a balloon with a message for their baby at the end of the walk. In May, a service is held at the Plano Municipal Cemetery to remember the very tiny and early babies that were born before 20 weeks of gestation at Medical City Plano each year. The eighteen headstones are a reminder that these babies have not been forgotten.

Following the program on July 28th, 2014, at 7:30pm, there will be refreshments and a social hour. Please call (972) 519-1588 or e-mail for information and questions.