Medical City Plano December 09, 2016

Medical City Plano Employee Celebrates Health Success by Running Marathon

A Medical City Plano employee is using a serious medical diagnosis as motivation. This Sunday, Tim Koscheski will run his first marathon after losing nearly 50-pounds in order to control his diabetes and reduce a family history of heart disease.

“It had been twenty years since I had really exercised.” Koscheski admits, “I really wanted to set a goal to get fit, get off my medications and be a positive role model for my teenage son.”

Koscheski is talking about his success during the holidays, when it can be particularly difficult to focus and stay motivated on health due to holiday parties and busy schedules.

“Tim is perfect example of how anyone can make a positive impact on their health through dedication and perseverance,” says Khang Than, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Medical City Plano, formerly called The Medical Center of Plano. “With help from his doctors, Tim was able take control of his diabetes through diet and exercise. This is a powerful and encouraging message for anyone who is struggling with this disease, especially during this holiday season.”

Physical activity is a key treatment component for type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetics have too much glucose in their blood. Muscles use glucose during exercise, reducing harmful levels. Exercise also helps reduce long-term complications, including heart problems, of which diabetics are susceptible. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 30-million Americans have diabetes.

“By training for this marathon regularly over the past few months, I now have more energy, sleep better, my blood pressure and heart rate are both improved,” says Koscheski, “And best of all, I am off my diabetes medication and 45 pounds lighter.”