Medical City Plano March 03, 2016

Patients at Medical City Plano are resting easier, thanks to new technology that allows constant monitoring of vital signs, without disturbing healing sleep. The wireless, wrist-worn device, named the ViSi® Mobile System, continuously tracks patient vital sign data and transmits the information to clinicians on-site or remotely.

“At Medical City Plano, we are continuously looking for opportunities to best serve our patients,” said Charles Gressle, CEO at Medical City Plano. “Investing in innovative technology, such as ViSi® Mobile, is one of the ways we fulfill our mission to offer the highest quality healthcare.”

The ViSi® Mobile System is the first body-worn monitor able to non-invasively measure all core vital signs on a highly accurate, beat-to-beat basis. In addition to continuous cuffless non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP) technology, the system continuously monitors: heart or pulse rate, electrocardiogram (ECG) or heart rhythm, blood oxygenation, respiration rate and skin temperature monitoring with ICU level accuracy.

Typically, nurses check patient vital signs during routine rounds that occur every hour. The intermittent checks can disturb patients and provide snapshots of vital sign data, rather than continuous information.

Clinicians at Medical City Plano will be able to use the continuous data stream to identify early signs of deterioration, which could help prevent adverse events. Additionally, if a patient’s vital signs move beyond selected ranges, the system’s alarm system will warn clinicians, so the appropriate intervention can be taken.

In addition to supporting safety, the system also aligns with Medical City Plano’s efforts to improve the overall healing experience. The lightweight device promotes mobility -- patients are able to get out of bed, walk around, shower and undergo physical therapy – all while remaining connected to clinicians.