Medical City Plano February 05, 2016

Tornadoes that tore through North Texas on the evening of Saturday, December 26, 2015 meant first responders, including staff from Medical City Plano, had to mobilize quickly. The team at Medical City Plano closely corresponded with local police and fire department to ensure that the hospital was informed and ready to receive tornado victims.

Preparation for tornado response at Medical City Plano begins long before an event and is part of the hospital’s emergency and trauma training. As this medical emergency developed, Medical City Plano quickly assembled a team to care for incoming patients, including extra physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other support staff. The Emergency Department was led by Dr. John Saad while Dr. Al West was responsible for trauma response.

Medical City Plano received 12 patients injured in the storm. Five patients were classified as level I patients, the highest level of severity. Seven patients were classified as level II patients, meaning there is a significant injury that still requires a team approach to their care. Medical staff treated head injuries, broken bones, collapsed lungs, a torn spleen with bleeding, and many serious cuts caused by flying debris. Nearly every department in the hospital played a role in their treatment including the emergency, radiology, intensive care, laboratory, and environmental services departments.

A month after the storm, Dr. John Saad reflects on the effects on the staff and operations. “I am encouraged after seeing the reaction of our team the night of the storm. Witnessing our staff treat these victims with compassion and precision was affirmation that when faced with future disasters the team at Medical City Plano will be ready to deliver exceptional care.”

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