"Pastoral Care Services at Medical City Plano serves as an integrated member of the healthcare team by supporting and caring for the spiritual well-being of patients, families, staff, and the community at large." - Chaplain Garry Higgs

Our Chaplains and Pastoral Care Volunteers are skilled in offering spiritual and emotional support to patients, their loved ones, and staff. They listen attentively, reflect on what they are hearing, and help the person deal with their own life situation at that moment. Prayer is offered based upon the beliefs, traditions, and worship style of the person being counseled. Counseling is available for families who must make end-of-life decisions: e.g. Health Care Proxy, Do Not Resuscitate Orders, initiating/removing life support, and organ donation. Bereavement counseling is also provided. Please visit our Advanced Directives page for helpful forms and information.

Our chapel is a non-denominational place where all faiths can come to pray and meditate. The Chapel is located next to the Gift Shop near the ER entrance.

If you need the chaplain in an emergency situation, dial "00" from any phone in the hospital and ask the operator to page the Chaplain.

Pastoral Care Services Include:

  • Visits to patients and family members to provide emotional and spiritual support
  • Comfort and support during times of crisis, loss and grief and support in making difficult decisions
  • Assistance with religious rituals such as scripture, prayer and the Sacraments
  • Bedside communication available upon request
  • Notification of patient's own pastor for support, on request
  • Individual or group counseling, prayer meetings or discussions
  • Spiritual care literature
  • Ministry to persons of diverse spiritual and religious traditions
  • 24-hour access to pastoral support by the Chaplain or on-call Chaplain
  • Chapel available 24 hours a day for prayer, meditation, ritual or special services.

Our Staff

  • Chaplain Garry Higgs - Pastoral Care is lead by Chaplain Garry Higgs, a Board Certified Chaplain and a Baptist minister with over 25 years pastoral experience in churches. Chaplain Higgs is available at (972) 519-1370 or contact the operator to reach the on-call Chaplain.
  • Chaplain Clinicians - Chaplain Clinicians serve as part of the multidisciplinary team of the hospital.  A Chaplain Clinician is a religious leader who has special training to do spiritual work in the clinical setting. The Chaplain Clinician is employed by the hospital to advocate for and treat the spiritual dimension of the patient and their family. Prior to appointment, Chaplains are required to have completed a certain standard of theological education and clinical training. Most of the chaplains have received degrees in theology, some with advanced or graduate degrees in their field of expertise, in addition to supervision of their ministry. They must be endorsed by their denomination in addition to complying with the additional hospital requirements of chaplaincy.
  • Pastoral Care Volunteers - Many volunteers work in Pastoral Care. They come from many different walks of life and have a wealth of skills and diverse professions. These men and women have been trained theologically and clinically to assist the chaplains in ministry. They work part-time in a voluntary capacity to offer pastoral care to patients, families and staff, and provide an extension to the regular ministry of the hospital chaplains.
  • Local Clergy - The Chaplain encourages visits from the patient's clergy and will assist in any way possible. Our Chaplain will make the contact if you so wish, with clergy of your choice. Each year during our Celebration of Faith, clergy from all major religions visit with the hospital staff and interested patients and guests.