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Nichole Johnson, MD

Nichole Johnson, MD

Wound Care
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Our multidisciplinary team includes Dr. Nichole Johnson, who has dedicated her full time practice to the treatment of chronic wounds and hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Johnson directs a specialized group of nurses and technicians who are highly trained in a variety of the latest advanced treatments and wound care modalities and certified in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These professionals work closely with you, the primary care provider, who remains an active member of the wound care management team, to develop a treatment plan, to compliment your treatment plan for the patients underlying condition.

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Acute Wounds

Advanced Wound Care

Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis

Chronic Wounds

Diabetic Ulcers

Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Ischemic Ulcers

Limb Preservation

Neuropathic Ulcers


Pressure Ulcers

Radiation Injury

Soft Tissue Radionecrosis

Surgical Wounds and Burns

Traumatic Wounds


Venous Insufficiency

Wound Care