Biplane Angiography Suite for Ischemic Stroke Patients

Used with our minimally invasive clot retrieval devices, Medical City Plano's neurointerventional bi-plane angiography suite gives many ischemic stroke patients a second chance at life — with reversed or minimized brain damage.

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The Philips Allura Xper FD-20/20 is a sophisticated operating suite with real-time 3D image guidance. This allows the interventional neurologist to see exactly where the catheter-based clot retrieval device needs to go. Three-dimensional viewing also helps the physician ensure no areas of blood clots are overlooked.

In addition, on-board CT capability eliminates the need to transfer the patient to another room for scanning during the procedure.

Our neurointerventional biplane angiography suite is part of our Brain & Spine Hospital's comprehensive stroke care program. As a result of this advanced technology, stroke patients can be treated as much as 12 hours after the onset of symptoms (compared to three to four-and-a-half hours with intravenous tPA, the standard clot-busting medication).