Advanced Brain and Spine Treatment at Medical City Plano

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Preventing Stroke

The good news about stroke is that it is largely preventable.

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You can't control all of your risk factors for stroke, such as age, gender and family history, but you can determine what your manageable personal risk factors are and take steps to control, treat and improve them today.

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Complex Brain and Spine Treatment

Medical City Plano’s Brain & Spine Hospital is the region’s largest dedicated brain and spine hospital; known for its pioneering physicians, innovative technology and a level of neurosciences care found only at the most prestigious hospitals in the country. And our front door is just minutes from yours.

The spine surgeons at Medical City Plano offer expert treatment for complex spinal disorders, from degenerative problems, scoliosis and typical back injuries to severe back and neck traumas that require very specialized surgery.

Medical City Plano’s brain surgeons offer neurosurgery options that treat the full spectrum of neurological problems, including stroke that’s being managed with endovascular or medical care, as well as the treatment of brain tumors, aneurysms and traumatic brain injury.

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Find out what separates the Brain & Spine Hospital from other neuroscience programs:The Joint Commission National Quality Approval