BrainSUITE® iMRI at Medical City Plano

With only a few of these systems available in the world, the Brainlab® BrainSUITE® iMRI is a sophisticated neurosurgical operating room at Medical City Plano that fully integrates the most relevant surgical and diagnostic tools, including intra-operative high-field magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI).

The technology gives surgeons a real-time view of their progress during complex brain tumor surgeries. By conducting MRI scans during brain surgery — inside the same operating room — our neurosurgeons confirm tumor removal before concluding surgery. In one study using iMRI, 36 percent of surgical procedures initially considered complete were continued to remove residual tumor tissue. This translates to better patient outcomes and less need for additional surgeries.

Our operating suite's VectorVision® surgical navigation system also helps prevent damage to tissue critical to brain functions. Scanned images serve as a map to the tumor, allowing the physician to plan prior to surgery. Then, during the surgery itself, VectorVision provides a 3D view of the brain, the area to be operated on, and the ideal path to the tumor. With such high-tech navigation, surgical procedures are less invasive and healthy tissue is spared.

BrainSUITE is the most advanced technology available for complicated neurosurgical cases, ensuring entire tumors are removed the first time, so patients don't have to go through unnecessary subsequent surgeries. Without the need for additional surgeries, patients benefit from faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays.