Burn Patient Success Stories

Life-Saving Treatment for Critically Injured Burn Patients

As Collin County’s first and North Texas’ second dedicated burn unit and the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Collin County, the Burn & Reconstructive Center at Medical City Plano often treats critically injured burn and trauma patients.

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The doctors, nurses and multidisciplinary teams who work in the burn unit have specialized training and are dedicated to not only saving the lives of their patients, but also helping them to recover and get back to their lives.

Here are the stories of a few of our remarkable patients and the amazing healthcare professionals who treated them.

Kendall Murray, 16-year-old car crash survivor

Kendall Murray was pulled from the wreckage of a burning car crash that took the lives of two other teens. Arriving at Medical City Plano’s Trauma Center, Kendall’s multiple traumatic injuries — including strokes, fractures and a tear in her carotid artery — were quickly stabilized so that her worst injuries — the burns that covered 25 percent of her body — could be treated immediately.

Chris Kouba, Prestonwood Baptist Church pastor

Chris Kouba was cooking in his kitchen when a grease fire erupted from a hot pan on his stove. He remembers hearing a “whoosh” and then being engulfed in flames. The Prosper Fire Department and their Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team immediately recognized that Chris’ burns were severe and took him directly to Medical City Plano’s Burn & Reconstructive Center.

Joel Hall, campfire survivor

After trying to build a fire using wet wood and an entire can of lighter fluid, Joel Hall added some gasoline to the mix. He set the gas can down what he thought was a safe distance from the fire, but it exploded and created a trail of flames that climbed up his jeans. Feeling very little pain, Joel changed into sweatpants and called it a night. But soon he was experiencing heat flashes and massive sweating in the 30-degree weather. The family rushed to the ER at Medical City Plano, where Joel was admitted to the Burn & Reconstructive Center and learned that he had deep, third-degree burns.

Brendan Mullen, helicopter crash survivor

Brendan Mullen was the lone survivor of a catastrophic helicopter crash and was airlifted to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama. When his doctor, burn expert and plastic surgeon Salil Gulati, MD, relocated to Medical City Plano’s Burn & Reconstructive Center, Brendan chose to travel the 1500 miles from his home in Bozeman, Montana to continue his treatment. “I wanted to stick with Dr. Gulati, Brendan said. “I’ve seen quite a few doctors since my accident and when they see the work that he’s done … I’ve heard them say over and over again that they’ve never seen grafts and work to the level of his.”

Jesse Barnett, nursing student

Jesse Barnett was enrolled in nursing school when a devastating accident put his life on hold. He was lighting a fire for his kids when the gas can in his hand exploded, causing deep, third and fourth degree burns over nearly 28 percent of his body and lung injuries from smoke inhalation. After a month in the Burn & Reconstructive Center’s Critical Care Unit, Jesse had his life back and a new appreciation for his chosen profession.