More Emergency Room Choices with Medical City Plano

medical-city-er-headerMedical City Plano offers the greater Collin County community two conveniently located emergency room locations. The ER within Medical City Plano and the provider-based Medical City ER Plano provide 24 hour adult and pediatric care, 365 days a year. No matter which location you choose, our board-certified emergency medicine physicians and specially trained staff are passionate about providing high quality, immediate care.

Medical City Plano ER — Level I Trauma Center

Medical City Plano’s in-hospital ER, a Level I Trauma Center, provides comprehensive emergency care for patients of all ages. Children and parents will appreciate the calm, age-appropriate environment and child-specific care and equipment offered in the pediatric wing.

Medical City ER provides:

Multidisciplinary Care Teams

As a Level I Trauma Center, our team specializes in all types of emergency medicine. We work in conjunction with every department throughout the hospital — from Brain & Spine services to the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our team partners with physicians who specialize in different services to ensure proper care and seamless treatment. We also work closely with local EMS agencies to ensure quick and accurate communication during medical emergencies

Leading-Edge Emergency Technology

The emergency personnel at Medical City Plano care for the most critically ill and injured patients while also placing patient satisfaction as a top priority. Technologically advanced amenities that help us to do this include Bioscape Digital tablets, which enable patients to give and receive real-time feedback about their care. We also use technology to accommodate our diverse patient population through translation services and CyraCom Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) for sign language communication.

Medical City Plano ER Location

Medical City Plano ER is located at:

3901 West 15th St
Plano, TX 75075
Tel: (972) 596-6800
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Medical City ER Plano

Medical City ER Plano is our off-campus, hospital-based emergency department. Just like our in-hospital emergency room, Medical City ER Plano is equipped with a trauma and code room, a complete medical laboratory, an on-site blood bank and a wide array of sophisticated diagnostic imaging technologies that give our emergency medicine physicians and specially trained staff the ability to handle any adult or pediatric medical emergency.

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Medical City ER Plano Location

Medical City ER Plano is located at:

3670 Highway 121
Plano, TX 75025
Tel: (469) 608-6100
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