Labor & Delivery at Medical City Plano

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This may very well be the happiest moment of your life — the day you meet your beautiful, pint-sized boy or girl. But a lot must happen before you can hold that baby in your arms — namely, at least several hours spent in labor.

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To schedule a tour of our Labor and Delivery department, please contact our Women's Resource Center at:

 (972) 519-1251


At Medical City Plano, we believe every mom-to-be deserves the royal treatment. Our expert team of nurses, OB / GYNs and specialty physicians will help you have the most comfortable, safest delivery possible - whether your pregnancy is routine or high-risk. In fact, we regularly receive high-risk transfer patients from outside our service area who need specialized care.

Trust us; you'll be glad you chose Medical City Plano. Listed below are a few ways that we protect you and your baby:

  • Two board-certified OB / GYN hospitalists are on-site in our department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As in-house, hospital-based doctors, they support your physician by providing obstetric and gynecological care during emergencies and any time your own doctor is unavailable. Two anesthesia providers and two neonatologists are also on-site 24/7, ready to respond to your immediate needs.
  • All our nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This means they can resuscitate patients who experience serious medical emergencies, like cardiac arrest. Learn about our other nurse certifications.
  • All staff regularly undergoes training exercises to simulate responding to emergencies, such as a pregnant woman who stops breathing.
  • Operating staff receive specific training to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy during surgery.
  • We care for every kind of patient - including C-section and high-risk antepartum cases. In addition, premature babies receive the most advanced treatment in Collin County, thanks to our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • We use the most sophisticated technology available to minimize complications and help you have a successful birth.
  • You will never be without the specialist you need here. We employ a complete team of specialty physicians, including pulmonologists, cardiologists, perinatologists and more. In addition, our dedicated psychiatrist helps women with depression and other emotional issues.
  • We are one of the few hospitals in the country that universally screens newborns for elevated bilirubin levels, which indicates risk of serious jaundice. (Severe cases can lead to seizures and permanent brain damage.) A recent study published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that this universal screening policy significantly decreases the incidence of dangerously high bilirubin levels, as it enables hospitals to implement treatments like phototherapy early-on.
  • Medical City Plano is recognized as a Texas Ten-Step Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital. Our lactation counselors visit breastfeeding moms on a daily basis to offer assistance.

Your red-carpet care gets even more lavish after delivery, because you'll recover in one of our plush, hotel-like post-partum rooms or suites. Learn more about our post-partum suites.