Low-Dose 3D X-ray Imaging at Medical City Plano

Medical City Plano offers advanced imaging services as one of the first eight hospitals in Texas to acquire the EOS® low-dose X-ray system. According to the National Institutes of Health, EOS technology is based on a Nobel prize-winning invention in physics in the field of particle detection and uses ultra-low doses of radiation to capture high-resolution, 3D images that help physicians see inside the body with precision down to the millimeter.

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EOS scans demonstrate a breakthrough in imaging devices, transmitting up to 85 percent less radiation than traditional X-ray scans.

Real-Time 3D Diagnostics for Skeletal Conditions

Unlike traditional 2D models, EOS® creates a detailed, to-scale image of how the patient’s body works in real time. This advanced X-ray technology is especially effective for diagnosing and treating orthopedic and neurological conditions that effect the skeletal system, including:

Because orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons use X-rays as a routine way to provide care for their patients, the EOS system will allow Medical City Plano specialists to offer more effective, accurate patient care in a more time-efficient manner.

Fast, Accurate X-ray Scans

EOS scans take about 20 seconds to complete, with a total time of about four minutes for a full frontal and lateral spinal exam. Scans can be done with patients either sitting or standing.

Benefits of EOS Imaging include:

  • Low-dose imaging with reduced radiation exposure
  • Unique full-body imaging that captures true-to-size images in a single scan without stitching or vertical distortion
  • 3D weight-bearing images that provide physicians with views of a patient’s anatomy that are not available with 2D X-ray but are critical for diagnosing and treating complex orthopedic and spine conditions
  • High patient satisfaction with fast exam time and accurate results