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Weight-Loss Surgery Patient Success Stories


I decided to have my gastric sleeve due to my worsening arthritis. I was on blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride medication. I was taking large doses of anti-inflammatory medication daily and prescription pain pills 4-5 times a week. I was taking 4 large shots of insulin daily and oral medication for my diabetes. Since my surgery and weight loss I am off all my meds except my insulin, which has gone down to one small shot a day with the possibility of coming off it completely. I am now able to shop 2-3 hours without riding a cart or stopping to rest due to pain. For me this was the right decision for my health. I am planning to retire in the next 2 years and I am now looking forward to an active retirement.


Thomas NationMost of my adult life I was overweight. At age 72, I decided to do something about it. With sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and 43% body fat, I needed to lose a lot of weight and adopt a healthier life style. After counseling with Dr. Patel and her capable team, I decided to have the gastric-sleeve procedure. Once approved by Medicare, I was ready for a better and healthier way of life.

After the surgery on January 29, 2015, I followed a regimen of eating much healthier food and a lot less of it under the direction of Dr. Patel’s medical associates. I also joined a group in my VFW Post called “Project Counterbalance” that helped direct my exercise routine.

Since my surgery, my weight has reduced from 257 lbs. to 155 lbs. and my waist reduced from 48 inches to 34” inches. My shirt size is now a medium instead of XXL. My only regret is that I didn’t have the surgery sooner.


I had the gastric sleeve procedure back in July 2014. Since then I have been able to be off medications for diabetes type II, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. I am down from a size 24 /22 to a 14/16. I have no more back pain and joint pain while becoming active.


My name is Steve Golman, and Dr. Patel performed a Gastric Sleeve on me 3/31/11. Prior to surgery, I weighed 278 lbs. and was plagued with numerous issues related with obesity such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high cholesterol and chronic joint/muscle pain. With the help of the surgery and the post-operative support of Dr. Patel's staff, I lost 110 lbs and have kept it off since that time. The journey started with the surgery, and continued from that point forward. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and the support of my doctors, friends and family have become essential for my continued success. It is wonderful to be healthy again! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Patel and her wonderful staff!


I have a motivational picture in my office, it shows a snow skier going down a hill that is very bumpy, I mean seriously bumpy. The message on the picture says, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your mind off your goals." For many years I chose to see only the frightful things associated with bariatric surgery. It most definitely took my mind off the goal of losing weight and becoming healthier. What motivated me to ignore the obstacles and keep me focused on the goal? For many years my doctor had been recommending that I seriously consider surgery. Obviously for many years I chose to focus on the obstacles and ignore his recommendation. However, one thing that he said was becoming truer every day. He told me that my life would come down to the things that I could do and the things that I couldn't. I found that the older and heavier I got, the longer the list of things I couldn't do became. He was dead-on right.

Dr. Patel performed gastric bypass surgery on me on September 21, 2011. One year later I have lost 250 lbs. While the journey has not been without its "bumps", I refused to take my mind off the goal of losing weight and becoming healthier. I have not once regretted or second-guessed my decision to have the surgery. Even while enduring the bumps!! The decision to have bariatric surgery is very personal. No one but you can make it. Personally, I'm elated that I decided to have surgery. I truly wish that I had been able to avoid the obstacles years ago, but I am more than thankful that I finally did.


Dr. Patel gave me a second chance for a healthy life with the gastric sleeve surgery. Prior to surgery, I attempted numerous weight loss programs on my own to only gain the weight back plus more. With a family history of diabetes, cholesterol issues, and heart disease, I wanted to break the chain of those illnesses. The highest weight I reached was 360 pounds. With those 360 pounds came high blood pressure, and agonizing back and joint pain. My debilitating ailments kept me from having a healthy lifestyle with my family. Coaching my five year old son's basketball time even wore me out for the day.

The deciding factor to have surgery was when my blood pressure reached a number that was high enough to have a stroke or heart attack. I knew that I could not let something of that magnitude happen to me that could potentially prevent me from seeing my son graduate from college one day.

I attended the Orientation Seminar where Dr. Patel spoke about healthy eating and how she used the Da Vinci robot for her bariatric surgery. When it was emphasized that the preciseness of the Da Vinci would make for a smoother recovery; I knew I wanted to have my surgery at the Bariatric Surgery Institute. The staff members at The Bariatric Surgery Institute supported me with my journey from day one and continue to do so.

Four months later, I have lost about 70 pounds, have gone down five dresses sizes, have more energy, and no longer have issues with blood pressure or back pain. I thank God for this amazing life changing surgery. The only regret I have is not doing the surgery sooner!


Lynda ChristopherMy name is Lynda Christopher. Dr. Patel performed by gastric sleeve surgery on May 27, 2015. My highest weight was 350 lbs., and so far I have lost 160 lbs.

Making the decision to have the surgery started me off on an active journey making fitness a pivotal aspect of my life. Before I suffered from high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic, and I was sore all of the time. I couldn’t walk ¾ of a mile in under 22 minutes. My body fat percentage was greater that 50 (meaning it was too high to register) and my BMI was 53. Today, I am off my blood pressure meds, I am no longer pre-diabetic and I am training for a half marathon. My body fat percentage is 36.2 and my BMI is 30.5, almost out of the obese category! The best part has been keeping up with my kiddos!

Dr. Patel has been my lifesaver. She has always been supportive, truthful and real. The entire bariatric staff has been fun, accessible and motivating! They never made me feel bad about where I was and always encouraged me about what I could look forward to. I always felt like we were partners in my journey. They sincerely care about my success!

I am no longer the girl I was when I walked in their office the first time. For the first time in my life I am not on a “diet.” I have changed my life and the way I view food. I still enjoy occasional treats with my family. I enjoy life, my husband, my kids, taking pictures, seeing my reflection, buying clothes…the list continues! Weight is no longer holding me back! The half marathon is my 40th birthday gift to myself. My new beginning.