Remote Presence Robot at Medical City Plano

Medical City Plano’s stroke specialists use the InTouch Health® RP-7 — a wireless, mobile, remote presence robot — to expedite the evaluation and treatment of stroke patients. During an acute stroke, almost 2 million brain cells die each minute. That means every second counts. Stroke patients must be treated as quickly as possible to maximize chances of survival and minimize brain damage.

This telemedicine technology allows physicians to essentially be in two places at once. All of the Brain & Spine Hospital's neurologists can remotely connect to the robot from anywhere, anytime, using a secure Internet connection. When a potential stroke patient enters our Emergency Department, the neurologist on call is notified and logs into the system from a secured computer. Within minutes, the physician is evaluating the patient for stroke — a response often faster than if the neurologist was already in the hospital.

Under the direct control of a physician, the RP-7 robot moves untethered, allowing the doctor to freely interact with patients, family members and hospital staff. Using this technology, physicians can perform a full neurological exam in real-time and determine treatment from miles away.

Using Innovative Technology to Treat Stroke Patients

Medical City Plano’s neurologists also use the robot to:

  • Discuss a patient's status at the nurses' station
  • Drive into the patient room
  • Observe patient behavior
  • Review X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans
  • Discuss care with the patient and/or family members
  • Return to the nurses' station to give orders or discuss next steps

Medical City Plano is the first and only hospital in Collin County (and one of just a few in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) to offer this level of robotic technology.