Dr. Ricardo Meade is pioneering the use of Strattice® Reconstructive Tissue Matrix in breast reconstruction in North Texas.

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Developed by LifeCell ™, Strattice® is a next-generation product that promotes and supports tissue regeneration while minimizing the risk of rejection by the body. It is recommended for use in a variety of types of soft-tissue repair – including tissue-expander/implant breast reconstruction.

Since 2002, Strattice® and a LifeCell™ forerunner product, AlloDerm®, have been used in nearly 50,000 tissue-expander/implant breast reconstructions to help overcome some of the special challenges involved these types of cases.

It can provide additional tissue for implant coverage where there has been extensive removal of the native tissue. It can also act as an “internal bra” to reinforce a skin flap, providing greater control over the position of an implant.

“What exactly IS Strattice® Reconstructive Tissue Matrix?”

Strattice® is a product derived from porcine skin. Through a process proprietary to Strattice’s manufacturer, all the cellular material in the tissue is removed. The resulting mesh-like substance provides a scaffolding that supports the growth of healthy new tissue to replace what surgery has removed.

“How does it work?”

Strattice® speeds the healing of the surgical wound by encouraging cell regeneration and the formation of new networks of blood vessels.